Saturday 4 May 2019

Slim pickings for far right UKIP as campaign against fascist ‘Tommy Robinson’ steps up





Overall, the far right such as UKIP,  had a fairly poor night, in the local council elections. UKIP, under the increasingly anti Muslim leadership of Gerard Batten, lost 54 seats. They gained 17 seats.



Candidates such as the appalling Carl Benjamin, who continues to make light of rape tweets he made concerning Jess Phillips MP , is still a Euro election candidate. Such people and the links to fascist Tommy Robinson, have made many on the right steer clear of UKIP. Nigel Farage’s new Brexit party, is set to sweep up many ex UKIP votes, later this month.



UKIP had nearly 1400 candidates, last Thursday. In the North East city of Sunderland where they and the so called Democratic Football Alliance marched  violently last year, they won three seats. In the North West, UKIP came second in over ten seats. This reflects the racialisation of child sexual abuse cases they and Robinson have driven in the area. Derby saw two UKIP out of seventeen supporters win seats.



Though the media made much of the slump for UKIP, and the comeback of the Greens and The Lib Dems, anti fascists know the ever present nature of UKIP. Their attempts to build a far right street movement with the DLFA and their electoral efforts means UAF and Stand Up to Racism worked hard in the preceding weeks to the elections.



In Stoke, and the West Midlands for instance, the long established group NORSCARF, leafleted consistently over recent weeks and knocked back the far right,



‘Tommy Robinson’ gets the (milk) shakes

The thuggish nature of Stephen Yaxley Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson’, was clear to all this week, in Warrington. As has been widely circulated, Robinson has encountered opposition. The milkshakes incidents went viral. Not so funny was the woman who suffered a broken nose, allegedly at the hands of Robinson’s unlicensed security, aka right wing thugs,




There’ll be a separate post on the campaign against Robinson shortly. UAF and SUTR supporters are working across the North West to stop Robinson becoming an MEP,




Despite anti fascists’ efforts. ex BNP thug Julian Leppert gained a council seat in Epping Forest. Led by another ex BNP and Combat 18 lickspittle, Eddy Butler, For Britain had leafleted substantially in the ward. According to local anti fascists, leafleting by this far right sect had taken place for at least 6 months. A different leaflet was produced six times over. The turnout of less than 30 % shows that where voters aren’t inspired to turnout, the far right can gain.




For Britain had one other success in Hartlepool on Thursday. However in Leeds, it’s eight candidates came nowhere. Anti fascists in the Black Country will maintain their efforts to ensure candidates for For Britain there, remain marginal.


The last week has shown anti fascists determination to increase voter turnout in the Euro elections. Put simply, the higher the vote, the less chance thugs like Robinson have of being elected. Locals anger at Robinson in places like Warrington and Bury in the North West shows there is potential to defeat Robinson. A report on UAF/SUTR’S actions will be posted very soon.


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