Saturday 8 June 2019

Fascist fall out after Tommy Robinson defeat

Demoralisation, internal arguments and violence have followed the very welcome defeat of fascist ‘Tommy Robinson’, aka Stephen Yaxley Lennon, in the recent Euro elections.



Robinson, above, in the camouflage jacket, has reverted to type, following his humiliation at the hands of anti fascists, in the North West,




The ex EDL leader punched an England fan to the ground at Thursday’s Nations League match against Holland in Guimaraes.



Police may ban Robinson from the next England football match, it is reported by some media. Officers in Portugal are looking at ways they can stop him  being in the crowd when England play Switzerland on Sunday. Why he wasn’t arrested is a further point.



Playing the victim as always, Robinson admitted to hitting the individual who didn’t want to be named.  Robinson claims he did so in self defence. Others who witnessed the incident tell a different story.



Police in Portugal said, ““We need the victim to indicate he wishes to press charges under Portuguese law to be able to take any criminal action against the aggressor” ie Robinson.



This is the first public appearance by Robinson since his defeat and marks another example of his typical behaviour. Indeed, across social media this weekend, a number of his once supporters are saying they have had it with the far right. We shall see if this is true, in the time ahead.



Notable is Caolan Robertson, who claims to have been ‘radicalised’ by the far right and has issued a mea culpa, below.



Robertson has form here.  In an interview on Sky, last January, said his far right past was behind him. Anti fascists weren’t convinced, as he was working with Lauren Southern, a Canadian far-right journalist. Her most recent “documentary” is Farmlands, focused on the supposed genocide against white farmers in South Africa – a particular far right conspiracy theory.



More of Southern, below. Robertson became notorious when he and Robinson just hours after the 2017 Westminster Bridge attack, filmed for Rebel Media. They went ‘live’ opposite Parliament, in islamophobic outbursts shouting, “Sky News has already reported that the man who did this was of Asian origin, which I don’t think is very surprising to anybody; if you import a culture, you get a culture”.



When Robinson was imprisoned for risking collapsing the trial of a grooming gang last year, Robertson peddled various messages about the need to ‘Free Tommy’.


Actions speak louder than words and anti fascists will watch this space to see how Robertson’s story unfolds.



Laura Southern, also says she has ‘retired’ from her sordid role online and elsewhere, 

Southern is a Canadian far-right activist who pushes one of the largest, alt right,  YouTube channels.  Her constant diatribes against feminism and islamophobia made her a friend of all manner of far right followers. She has previously anchored the Canadian far-right, Rebel Media and was a great fan of Robinson.



She has  promoted the fascist sect, Generation Identity’s Great Replacement theory, which increasingly Robinson championed. This argues that migrants and refugees, and particularly, muslims will ‘islamify’ Europe.



Southern has also said argues that Muslims are to blame for the Holocaust!? In an appalling book she wrote that, “Bibi Netanyahu was right to point out that Hitler decided on the Holocaust partly because Middle Eastern Muslims told him they didn’t want Jews expelled into the region”.



Southern was among those who actively backed the “Defend Europe” ship that aimed to block NGO ships from rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean. This ironically had to be rescued itself.



As with Robertson, time will tell whether Southern is to be taken at her word. She will not be missed, should her words be true.


Meanwhile, Milo Yiannopoulus, a former editor of far right Breitbart News and misogynist, racist and more, says he will expose both Robinson and Southern,  below. 

‘Milo’ of course, is a notorious figure and time will tell the veracity of his posts. Anti fascists note however, that Robinson’s paltry showing in the election, has unleashed all manner of pent up frustration on the far right. Such divisions can only aid our side.



Around the visit of Donald Trump to London, last week, it was clear too the current state of the far right at various levels in the UK. Monday night saw a few fascists look to intimidate hundreds of anti Trump protesters at Buckingham Palace. The former failed, miserably.



Proof that the far right are enthused by the world’s number one bigot and sexist, came the next day. A small, motley crew of ex Combat 18 thugs and alt righters’ were joined by ex UKIP leader, Gerard Batten at Parliament Sq.


Numbering less than 50, groups of fascists and Trump supporters tried to assault and target individuals. They again were faced off. Their number included DFLA members who support both West Ham and Chelsea.


Robinson’s failure and his appearance at the Old Bailey next month on contempt charges, alongside UKIP’s annihilation at the European elections has seen the far right here, look to take revenge on anti racists.


UKIP leader Batten had to resign following his poor command of UKIP  and the DFLA are increasingly split over their attitude to Robinson. The Brexit Party cut away at UKIP support and the far right have been pushed back for now, in Britain.



Ex BNP officers like Mark Collett have taken to attacking the horrendous Carl Benjamin, online ( the latter of course, thought it funny, alongside being deeply racist to make ‘jokes’ about raping Jess Phillips MP)


The extreme right will look to come back of course. Their actions last week in London and in Portsmouth, where anti fascists were attacked by Robinson supporters, is in keeping with fascists’ traditional retribution, after electoral setbacks.


However, the fascists that did show in London, were angry that more didn’t turn up and are looking to rebuild on various ‘Soldier F’ rallies, eg in London, at the end of June.



Anti fascists, assessing the far right across Europe and beyond, will continue to broaden our forces and seek to ensure the far right don’t recover, over the crisis of Brexit.


Thanks to AM and SP.

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