Friday 2 August 2019

Inspiring message from anti fascist Cable Street veteran on eve of anti fascist demonstration


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Above is 102 year old meeting Beatty Orwell, an anti fascist veteran. She sent ourselves and Stand Up To Racism an inspiring message, the day before anti fascists are to demonstrate against supporters of ‘Tommy Robinson’, in London, tomorrow, details here


As the anti fascist who sent this said, “Beatty Orwell has been an anti-fascist for *87 years*.
Veteran of Cable St, she first stood up to fascists shouting anti-Semitic slogans in her neighbourhood at 15.
Beatty turned 102 last month.
It’s an honour to know her;  she’s asked me to pass on an urgent message”. which is



“Please join the demo in London tomorrow!

We thought we’d seen off the fascists in 1936; I hoped I’d never see this again in my lifetime. Stand up to Racism do an amazing job & need your support. 
I know how dangerous & unhealthy it is to let fascism grow. They must be all costs. 
As we chanted in 1936 They Shall Not Pass!
Tommy Robinson is rightly in prison and they should throw the key away.
Good luck & kind regards


Let’s ensure we do just that tomorrow, more on Beatty’s remarkable life here,

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