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28 Jan 2019

Last weekend, a notorious far right figure, James Goddard, above, led a small group of far right supporters in an attack on Stand Up To …

14 Jan 2019

Last Saturday, as UAF reported, members of the so called Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) linked up with the remnants of the nazi terror group …

10 Dec 2018

Pic- Guy Smallman
Over 10,000 people protested against fascist ‘Tommy Robinson’ (TR) in central London on Sunday.
The march well outnumbered Robinson’s “Brexit betrayal” demo, which was called …

3 Dec 2018

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and Stand Up To Racism are marching with many others on a demonstration against ‘Tommy Robinson’ and UKIP, on Sunday, December …

6 Aug 2018

As we wrote yesterday, UKIP supporters, including a Swindon council candidate, Martin Costello (below, with a hand to his mouth) were among those whose who …

8 May 2018

(pic – Guy Smallman)

Various strands of the far right and openly fascist groups assembled in central London, last Sunday. They had come to hear the …

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