EDL unmasked
8 Dec 2011

Pair jailed for arson attack in area where both EDL and BNP have organised.

5 Dec 2011

North East EDL boss Spence has links with hardcore Hitler-loving Blood and Honour group and is former BNP candidate

2 Dec 2011

UPDATED with video, Sun 4 Dec: Six EDL and NEI thugs sent down, including former BNP candidate Alan Spence.

28 Nov 2011

British Freedom Party leaders discuss what they can get from the EDL

20 Nov 2011

The EDL-BFP lash-up brings together the two elements of a classic fascist organisation.

14 Nov 2011

UAF national officer Martin Smith speaks at the OccupyLSX protest camp at St Paul’s, London.

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EDL unmasked

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