EDL unmasked
11 Nov 2011

Trade unionists turn out to send thugs packing, while police arrest EDL supporters after threat against Occupy London protest camp.

30 Oct 2011

Peaceful protestors punched, kicked and stamped on in 4am attack.

"Angels" demo
8 Oct 2011

UPDATED with photo of “sieg heil” salute. Racist and fascist EDL’s women’s division turns out to be overwhelming male…

28 Sep 2011

Attacker screamed “EDL” as thugs hurled bricks.

4 Aug 2011

UAF has produced a poster – different faces, same hatred – warning that Norway killer Anders Behring Breivik was inspired by the poisonous politics of the English Defence League.

3 Aug 2011

Tensions inside the leadership of the EDL have burst into the open as the organisation publicly ditched its former funder and strategist Alan Lake.

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