EDL unmasked
25 Jul 2011

Funder and strategist Alan Lake’s comments reveal real views at the top of the EDL.

23 Jul 2011

The man suspected of carrying out the massacre that has claimed more than 90 lives in Norway has been revealed as an admirer of the EDL.

4 Jul 2011

We’ve produced a new factsheet that you can download, print and distribute to warn people about the dangers of the English Defence League.

The EDL smashed the windows of Crown House in Barking
20 May 2011

The racist thugs of the English Defence League teamed up with their Nazi pals in the British National Party to attack an anti-racist meeting in Barking on Thursday night.

19 May 2011

UAF national officer Martin Smith analyses the BNP’s election results and the developing fascist threat from the EDL.

15 May 2011

EDL leader Tommy Robinson plans national campaign as organisation attempts to stir up anti-Muslim racism and hatred.

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