20 Apr 2010

Come and join us this Sunday as we step up the campaign to make sure these Nazis don’t take Barking & Dagenham over.

20 Apr 2010

This Sunday 25 April anti-fascists in Stoke-on-Trent will hold a Day Of Action/mass leafleting session againstt the fascist BNP election candidates.

16 Apr 2010

On Wednesday 14 April, the BBC gave the British National Party (BNP) undue and uncritical coverage on the 6 and 10 o’clock television news.

13 Apr 2010

The fascist thugs of the British National Party will be holding an anti-immigrant demonstration outside the Lunar House immigration centre in Croydon on Thursday afternoon.

13 Apr 2010

Unite Against Fascism’s sister campaign Love Music Hate Racism is hosting a gig featuring King Blues, Ghetts and Jerry Dammers at Barking’s Broadway theatre this Saturday 17 April.

8 Apr 2010

With just under a month to go until the general and local elections on Thursday 6 May, Barking & Dagenham UAF is ramping up its campaign against the Nazi BNP.

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