1 Apr 2010

Unite Against Fascism, together with other local community groups in Dudley, will be taking part in an event to celebrate Dudley’s multi-faith, multi-racial and multicultural society this Saturday.

29 Mar 2010

The racist EDL is planning the latest in its series of anti-Muslim rallies in Dudley this Saturday. Its last outing in Bolton saw EDL supporters captured on video making vile racist statements. EDL supporters stabbed a man in a pub later that evening in Middleton.

22 Mar 2010

BNP leader and Holocaust denier Nick Griffin is now running for parliament in Barking, east London. But UAF is out to stop him by organising a series of days of action against the BNP in Barking

18 Mar 2010

EDL racists will try to hold an anti-Muslim march and rally in Bolton on Saturday 20 March. But thousands of anti-racists are set to demonstrate against them.

10 Mar 2010

The court case examining the BNP’s membership rules will reconvene on Friday 12 March. The judge is due to decide whether or not the BNP …

10 Mar 2010

UAF will be holding the latest in its successful days of action against the British National Party in Barking this Saturday 13 March. Meet outside …

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