2 Feb 2010

Unite Against Fascism has called a demonstration on Friday 12 February to oppose the disgraceful decision by Durham University’s debating society to invite two leading …

2 Feb 2010

Unite Against Fascism is holding a day of action in Barking & Dagenham, east London, this Saturday 6 February to help drive Nick Griffin and …

21 Jan 2010

Join our demonstration against the EDL to show these racists and fascists that they are not welcome in Stoke.

21 Jan 2010

Unite Against Fascism supporters will be assembling in Barking, east London, this Sunday 24 January to mark Holocaust Memorial Day which takes place on Wednesday next week.

14 Jan 2010

Stoke-on-Trent is a multiracial and multicultural city and home to many communities living in harmony. But some people don’t want it that way.

14 Jan 2010

UAF has called its first day of action against Nazi BNP leader Nick Griffin and his plans to stand as an MP in Barking.

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