7 Dec 2007

The National Front’s counter demonstration at London Pride on 30 June was the first time a fascist group has counter demonstrated against Pride in many …

4 Dec 2007

– The Fascist British National Party are fielding a record 750 candidates in the local elections on May 3rd – they will rely on a …

26 Nov 2007

Unite Against Fascism have now booked a second coach from London for the demonstration against BNP leader Nick Griffin and Holocaust Denier David Irving

23 Nov 2007

Join the protest against Griffin & Irving this Monday 26th November – Oxford Union is no place for fascism

22 Nov 2007

Several Hundred join UAF Protest in Blackpool against BNP conference on Saturday 17th November.

19 Nov 2007

Leaders label the invite ‘dangerous and irresponsible’ to students’ safety.

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