9 Apr 2015

Over 300 trade unionists, students, workers , city and county councillors, PPC’s, pensioners, Muslims, Christians, Quakers, socialists and community campaigners took to the streets of …

5 Jun 2012

Doris Hollander explains the history and traditions that inspired the launch of of Unite Against Fascism.

31 May 2012

Spanish anti-racists talk of the growing movement to halt the rise of far right and fascist parties in Catalonia.

1 May 2012

The real numbers of people voting show the fascists’ rise starkly. In 2002, the FN won 4.8 million votes. This year, that figure is up by a third, to 6.4 million.

28 Feb 2012

‘Tommy Robinson’ and the EDL given an easy ride and a huge publicity coup by programme makers.

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