EDL unmasked
EDL founder Alan Lake is out of a job. Oh dear...
15 Aug 2012

by Tash Shifrin
The man known as Alan Lake, a key strategist and funder behind the racist English Defence League (EDL) is out of his job …

10 Jun 2012

A short video of the anti-SDL march in Edinburgh on 26 May

EDL thugs on parade
10 Jun 2012

Locals denounce “cynical” EDL protest in Lancashire town.

1 Jun 2012

Rochdale Unity call city centre rally on 9 June to oppose attempts by the Nazi BNP and racist EDL to exploit victims of grooming crime.

1 May 2012

‘I’ve got a possible fractured sinus and a tear to my retina. But I’ll be in Luton on Saturday — and everyone who opposes the fascists should be there too’

Alan Lake – real name Alan Ayling
31 Jan 2012

The key strategist and funder behind the English Defence League has been suspended from his management post at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

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