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UKIP leader Gerrard Batten claimed that Islam is a cult founded by a paedophile, before attacking the Left as 'Corbyn's commies'
15 Jul 2018

Antifascists have made a big step forward against supporters of Tommy Robinson – but violent fascists physically attacked trade unionists and went on the rampage …

In Nehwam, 44 councillors, 2 MPs and a London Assembly member have signed the statement calling for people to come into the streets against Robinson's supporters - showing what's possible in the fight against the fascists
12 Jul 2018

The fight against the emerging Islamophobic street movement picked up pace this week.
Activists from across the trade unions and Labour Party have been mobilising for …

9 Jul 2018

What remains of the once best known, British fascist organisation the National Front, had a miserable time in Wakefield, last Saturday.  By contrast, it was …

9 Jul 2018

Hundreds of anti racists and anti fascists marched in Leeds today to say that racists and fascists are not welcome in our multicultural city.
They massively …

4 Jul 2018

The far-right is gearing up for a big rally in support of Tommy Robinson on July 14th at Downing Street. They’ll hope to bring together …

2 Jul 2018

Activists from Unite Against Fascism and Leeds Stand Up To Racism have been organising against far-right attempts to march in their multicultural city on Saturday …

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