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10 Apr 2017

The picture above, has gone viral. No wonder. It displays the disdain the vast majority of people in Birmingham felt for the fascist, English Defence …

7 Apr 2017

Birmingham Unite Against Fascism are organising a demonstration and rally in the city centre, tomorrow, Saturday. This is as a result of the fascist group, …

5 Apr 2017

Forty years ago this August, thousands of anti fascists and locals from South East London stopped the fascists of the National Front from marching.  The …

4 Apr 2017

On Saturday 1st April, Londoners came together in response to a call out from UAF and others to oppose far-right groups parading their hate in Westminster.
Around 250 people …

31 Mar 2017

Below is a great circular from the head of the RMT union, Mick Cash, expressing solidarity and encouraging members to support the UAF demonstration. This is most welcome …

23 Mar 2017

The appalling events in London, at Parliament, last Wednesday afternoon, where four  people were killed and a number injured, have shocked us all.
Our Deepest sympathies extend to …

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