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13 Sep 2010

An apparent switch of tactics by the racist English Defence League over the past weekend leaves no room for complacency, UAF believes.

13 Sep 2010

UAF officer Martin Smith’s campaign to clear his namer has had a massive boost thanks to donations from supporters.

Martin before trial
8 Sep 2010

UAF officer Martin Smith will appeal against his conviction by magistrates for assault on a police officer.

7 Sep 2010

UAF officer Martin Smith has been convicted of assault on a police officer in a verdict UAF believes is an attack on the right to protest against racism and fascism.

6 Sep 2010

The National Union of Teachers has weighed in with support for UAF officer Martin Smith.

6 Sep 2010

RMT general secretary Bob Crow has given his backing to UAF officer Martin Smith as supporters prepare for protest outside court.

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