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9 Feb 2011

UAF officers have joined MPs, musicians, artists, campaigners, academics, trade unionists and others to condemn prime minister David Cameron’s attack on multiculturalism and Britain’s Muslims.

6 Feb 2011

Broken windows and grafitti on homes in the Bury Park area.

Luton Bury Park
6 Feb 2011

Photo round-up as thousands protest against racist thugs of the English Defence League in Luton

5 Feb 2011

Racist thugs pegged back as antiracists, antifascists and the local community turn out to show unity and solidarity against the EDL.

31 Jan 2011

Arrangements for antiracists and antifascists coming from around the country to opose the racist EDL in Luton on Saturday 5 February.

29 Jan 2011

As support for protest against racist EDL grows, police have changed assembly point.

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