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26 May 2017

Anti fascists called for unity in response to Monday’s  horrific attack in Manchester, which killed 22 concert goers and injured at least 59, and sends condolences to …

19 May 2017

Photo by Syd Shelton
On August 13, 1977, Nazi followers of the National Front (NF) tried to march through New Cross, in London.
They wanted to sow …

15 May 2017

The notorious fascist group Britain First have said they are ‘postponing’ their demonstration in Birmingham, scheduled for June 3rd.
The news follow the arrest of the …

12 May 2017

The far right in the UK is marginal, fragmented and small. The latest fascist demonstration in Croydon, last weekend saw just 26 fascists outnumbered by …

8 May 2017

Anti fascists greatly outnumbered a fascist rump in Croydon, last weekend. The extreme right, South East Alliance had called a demonstration outside Lunar House in Croydon, …

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