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11 Jun 2010

The EDL has abandoned plans to spread race hate in east London. But the antiracist demonstration called by UAF and United East End on 20 June will go ahead – we need to stay vigilant and show that the EDL racists are not welcome

Credit: Geoff Dexter
9 Jun 2010

Five national trade unions and three major Muslim umbrella organisation have backed the demonstration in east London on 20 June against the racist English Defence League.

7 Jun 2010

Residents, local trade unionists, community groups and councillors have backed a rally and demo against the racist English Defence League in Tower Hamlets, east London.

5 Jun 2010

Antifascist demonstrators heavily outnumbered the Welsh Defence League – an organisation of racist thugs with links to the Nazi British National Party – in both Cardiff and Swansea today.

2 Jun 2010

Antifascist activists and local residents are organising to oppose the English Defence League – an organisation of racist thugs with links to the Nazi BNP – which is threatening to bring its hatred and violence to east London.

2 Jun 2010

The British National Party has been forced to axe its showpiece Red White and Blue festival in Derbyshire after years of protests.

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