20 Jan 2018

The English Defence League’s (EDL) latest attempt to make themselves relevant fell on deaf ears today when their, “regional,” demonstration in Hexthorpe (Doncaster) only managed …

17 Jan 2018

Esther Brunstein, who will be remembered by many Unite Against Fascism members and large numbers of anti fascists, sadly died, a year ago today. She …

16 Jan 2018

I wasn’t sure, in the beginning, why I wanted to make this trip – probably for a mixture of reasons: wanting to understand why humans …

15 Jan 2018

Despite suffering another split in the ranks, the dwindling body that is the rump of the English Defence League (EDL) have called a regional demonstration, …

14 Jan 2018

 Tens of thousands of anti-fascists marched in Vienna against the Austrian Conservative/fascist FPO, coalition government, yesterday. The day was brilliant and inspiring and comes a few weeks after the new …

12 Jan 2018

The London Student newspaper revealed this week, which was widely circulated, that a eugenics conference has been taking place at UCL for the last four …

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