Antifascist leaflets from the campaign in Catalunya
26 May 2015

UAF would like to congratulate our sister organisation in Catalunya on their campaign, which has seen a dramatic reduction in the number of fascist councillors.

Gone! Voters in Charnwood dumped the BNP's Duffy.
14 May 2015

The fascist BNP now has just one district councillor left after voters dumped Cathy Duffy, the only councillor whose seat was up for election this year.

11 May 2015

Fascist candidates received an absolute drubbing at the general election, with only five even managing to break through the 1% barrier.
The results marked the final …

Artists from Love Music Hate Racism played all afternoon. Pic credit: Shaukat Ali
11 May 2015

Hundreds of people attended a Unity Festival in Dudley to show opposition to the fascists of Britain First on Saturday 9 May.
There was a variety …

Antifascist demonstrators outside Waltham Forest town hall, where the EDL planned to rally. Pic credit: Dean Ryan
11 May 2015

The EDL mustered just 120 supporters for its national mobilisation in Waltham Forest – hugely outnumbered by around 1,000 local people who turned out to oppose them.

Thousands of antifascists stopped the EDL marching in Tower Hamlets in 2011. Pic: Geoff Dexter
27 Apr 2015

Antifascist campaigners have spoken out against a “wrong and dangerous” trivialisation of racist and fascist organisations in a report by an elections judge.

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