6 Jul 2007

Meet at Corsham Town Hall
Monday 11th June at 5.30pm
Come along to protest at the division, ignorance and intolerance of the fascist BNP. …

4 Jun 2007

Today, a coalition including Scottish author Iain Banks, Welsh actor Rhys Ifans, Ken Livingstone, trade unionists, faith groups and students spoke out against the threat …

11 May 2007

Tuesday 20 November, 7.30pm, Oxford Town Hall
Speakers: Martin McCluskey, Oxford University Student Union
President ; Ruqayyah Collector, NUS Black Students Officer; Scott Cuthbertson, NUS LGBT Officer; …

27 Apr 2007

Today the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) will call for a vote against the
fascist British National Party (BNP) during Friday prayers and distribute
leaflets, …

21 Apr 2007

Fascist party linked to violence and criminality as it falsely blames multiculturalism for crime

20 Apr 2007

Migrant community representatives, public sector trade unionists and anti-fascists slam the British National Party’s “manifesto for hatred and division”

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