13 Oct 2006

Deputy Mayor of London Nicky Gavron and 91 year-old Cable Street veteran Max Levitas speak outside Barking and Dagenham Town Hall.

13 Oct 2006

Former candidate is charged with possession of chemicals in “largest haul ever found”

11 Oct 2006

Groups of anti-racist and anti-fascists including members of the clergy, trade unionists and local citizens were attacked on Saturday 4th November by organised groups of …

10 Oct 2006

Say NO to racism and fascism in Barking and Dagenham
Wednesday 11 October 2006, 5.30pm onwards
Protest outside the Barking & Dagenham council meeting at
Barking Town …

9 Oct 2006

Barking and Dagenham Alliance Against Racism and Fascism,(BDAARF) which was established following the May elections, is calling on all those opposed to racism and fascism …

5 Oct 2006

Anti-fascist campaigners said the xenophobic coverage of the release of prisoners described as ‘foreign nationals’, the talking up of the British National Party’s (BNP) support …

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