10 Aug 2015

The EDL are planning on returning to Walsall this Saturday 15th August to whip up Islamophobia and foster divsions in the local community. We Are …

Weyman Bennett on migrant solidarity march in Calais on Sat 8 Aug
10 Aug 2015

Weyman Bennett, Joint Secretary of UAF and Stand Up To Racism attended a 500-strong march in Calais last Saturday to stand in solidarity with the migrants and …

25 Jun 2015


The tiny group of neo Nazis who planned to hold a provocative show of hate in Golders Green, have now been prohibited …

25 Jun 2015

It is an appalling provocation by a tiny group of British neo Nazis who have announced an anti Semitic demonstration, in London, on July 4th. …

25 Jun 2015

Though greatly weakened by UAF and other anti fascists, the EDL still organise and promote their Islamophoic poison. They have announced a series of demos …

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15 Jun 2015

This interview with the acclaimed spoken word artist George the Poet first appeared in the Spring 2015 issue of UAF’s Unity magazine

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