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23 Oct 2017


More than 100 anti-fascists and residents joined a unity protest against the EDL as they attempted to march through Peterborough on Saturday. The diverse protest …

20 Oct 2017

What remains of the English Defence League will attempt to rally and march in Peterborough, tomorrow, Saturday, October 21st. The EDL are again supposedly aiming …

16 Oct 2017

Anti fascists in Austria reacted with anger and defiance, last night , at the news that the fascist Freedom Party (FPO) had taken it’s highest …

2 Oct 2017

Big thanks to Asa and David for their contributions, below; hats off to Swedish anti fascists!
Asa – ‘Last Saturday was a brilliant victory for anti …

27 Sep 2017

National Action  duck for cover in Liverpool
Anti-fascists have responded to the arrests of 11 suspected members of a banned, neo-Nazi …

25 Sep 2017

The outcome of the German federal elections has rocked the country and has implications for anti racists and anti
fascists, internationally
There has been a dramatic breakthrough …

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