27 Jul 2017

A boat which has set sail, manned by various far right individuals to supposedly ‘protect’ European shores from migration, has been stopped in Cyprus. The …

25 Jul 2017

The genocide of Roma during the Holocaust is still not widely recognized and discrimination, stereotyping and persecution of Roma persists in many European countries. Various …

24 Jul 2017

Just seven days, after the fascist group Britain First held a hate gathering in Rochdale, another group of fascists, the EDL, will be making an …

24 Jul 2017

Around 150 people outnumbered 100 fascist Britain First racists in Rochdale on Saturday. Britain First (and the EDL, who are going to Rochdale, this coming Saturday, …

21 Jul 2017

A ship sailed by far right organisations and individuals to stop the rescue of refugees in the Mediterranean  is reported to have been “arrested” in the Suez Canal after …

19 Jul 2017

Far-right and fascist groups are on a vessel in the Mediterranean in an effort to stop the arrival of Europe-bound boats with refugees and migrants.
Defend …

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