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Manchester is one area that has built local links
7 Oct 2016

John said many teachers would like to get more involved but the huge demands put upon them make that difficult. The issue is close to their hearts, though. “When I’ve spoken to members, we’re on the frontline. These poor kids, the few that are allowed into our country, turn up in their schools. They try to integrate and help them and their families. We put out a lot of information about refugees and asylum seekers for members about ‘what you can do to help’.”

Leeds Carnival 1981 (Pic: John Sturrock)
7 Oct 2016

We got letters from all over. They’d say something like, “I’m Tommy and I live in Aberystwyth and we’ve got an NF teacher. I hate racism and I like RAR. Can you please help us?” I’d write back and say, “That’s fantastic Tommy. You are RAR Aberystwyth. We’ve got nothing to give you. All the luck!” We sent those letters all over.

Black Lives Matter in Birmingham (pic: Geoff Dexter)
7 Oct 2016

These demonstrations were about more than just solidarity with America’s black population. They were also about highlighting issues such as Stop and Search and deaths in police custody which disproportionately affect the black communities of Britain.

The vigil in Harlow
7 Oct 2016

More than 200 local people demonstrated after a suspected racist attack in the town of Harlow in Essex in late August. Stand Up to Racism called the protest. Polish migrant Arkadiusz “Arek” Jozwik, a resident of the town, died from head injuries after he and a friend were attacked by a group of people on 27 August. The police told relatives that the attack started after the men were heard to speak Polish. Police arrested six teenagers on suspicion of taking part in the attack. They have been released on police bail.

Police taser
7 Oct 2016

The recent death of former professional footballer Dalian Atkinson has again highlighted the dangers of the increasing use of Tasers by police, particularly among black communities.

Kevin Courtney
7 Oct 2016

In these uncertain times it is vital that schools are safe places for all children and young people, free from the racism and negative language or attitudes which lead to bullying. Teachers should be congratulated for creating a culture and ethos that challenges harmful behaviour and ensures all parents and pupils are welcome and safe in school.

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