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Anti-fascists round one of the barricades in Cable Street that stopped the fascists marching on 4th October 1936
3 Oct 2016

“I think that Mosley was supposed to come along at eleven o’clock, but thousands of people were there early in the morning. They might have reached the beginning of Cable Street but they didn’t get down there. People were throwing things out of their windows. Anything to build up the barricades so they couldn’t pass.. There were Jews and Irish, the lot. Everyone was down there.”

Unity 16 cover
14 Jul 2016

The Convoy to Calais features on the cover of the July-August 2016 issue of Unity magazine, produced by UAF with the National Union of Teachers.
The new issue includes:
• Convoy …

Children on a refugee protest in Calais (Photo: Geoff Dexter)
14 Jul 2016

Save the Children produced a report that said there were 26,000 unaccompanied child refugees in Europe. That turned out to be an underestimate—actually there are 95,000. And 10,000 of them have disappeared. Isn’t that shocking, that 10,000 children could disappear in Europe?

Rufus Hound
14 Jul 2016

We live in the information age—but because we live in the information age everyone is overwhelmed with information. So it just comes down to instinct and what your best mate thinks. No one is prepared to change their mind based on facts.

The Convoy to Calais sets out from Whitehall in central London (Photo: Guy Smallman)
14 Jul 2016

Some 200 vehicles set out in a convoy to take aid collected around Britain to the refugee camp outside Calais on Saturday 18th June. It showed the level of support for refugees among ordinary people—but the majority were stopped at Dover

Gary Younge at the Convoy to Calais rally
14 Jul 2016

There’s a constituency in Britain that has not yet been courted by the main parties. It is not xenophobic and is not antagonistic to asylum seekers—people who do want to extend the hand of solidarity and assistance.

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