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A much larger group of anti-fascists countered the Nazi demonstration in Newcastle calling for repatriation just after the referendum result
14 Jul 2016

Hope and despair take flight from the same sky. The worst thing we can do is give in to despair or believe we face an unstoppable tide of racism.

Jesse Owens running the 200m at the 1936 Berlin Olympics
14 Jul 2016

On a number of occasions the Games have awarded iconic stature to those on the right side of history with a power that endures beyond sporting achievement. We remember some such moments on these pages

A protest outside Yarl’s Wood in 2015, calling for its closure (photo: Ken Olende)
14 Jul 2016

“We were very limited in the kinds of protests we could make as detainees,” Becky said. “The most frequent thing we did was hunger strikes. After the woman died we refused to eat and we sat on the floor and we were constantly in touch with people outside so they knew what was happening.”

The police cleared the streets of anti-fascist protesters in Vienna in early June this year
14 Jul 2016

Anti-fascists were given a breathing space by May’s presidential election when the Green candidate defeated Norbert Hofer of the Freedom Party (FPÖ). But now judges have said that due to irregularities the election must be rerun in September.

Martin Luther King (front near the left) on the March on Washington in August 1963 (photo: Library of Congress)
14 Jul 2016

In the sixth part of our history of the US Civil Rights movement, Ken Olende looks at the movement’s peak year with the campaign in Birmingham, Alabama, and the March on Washington with Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech

Michael Lavalette addresses social workers
14 Jul 2016

On 5th June social workers across Europe held an international day of solidarity with refugees. This included local events as well as solidarity visits to the nearest refugee camps. Up to 50 social workers, social work students, community workers and others from the UK visited the “Jungle” camp in Calais. They delivered practical aid to the volunteer aid organisation Care 4 Calais.

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