Unity 17 | September-October 2016

Cover of Unity 17
7 Oct 2016

The 40th anniversary of Rock Against Racism features on the cover of the September-October 2016 issue of Unity magazine, produced by UAF with the National Union of Teachers.

Arthur Wharton
7 Oct 2016

At an athletics meet he was lying down in a marquee on a rolled up carpet out of view when he overheard a couple of his competitors complaining about having to run against a n….r. Arthur jumped up and said: ‘If you two gentlemen do not wish to race me you can always box me. The two declined the offer.

A group of Freedom Summer volunteers sing ‘We Shall Overcome’  before setting out from Oxford, Ohio, to campaign in Mississippi (Pic: Library of Congress)
7 Oct 2016

In all, more than 60,000 black Mississippi residents risked their lives to attend meetings, choose candidates, and vote in a Freedom Election that ran at the same time as the official 1964 elections.

At least 62,000 people managed to vote in the alternative poll, despite shootings, beatings, intimidation and arrests. They outnumbered Democratic Party voters in many areas.

Students on the No to Racism, No More Austerity demo
7 Oct 2016

Student Stand Up to Racism (SUTR) aims to bring together students who want to confront racism, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism.

Manchester is one area that has built local links
7 Oct 2016

John said many teachers would like to get more involved but the huge demands put upon them make that difficult. The issue is close to their hearts, though. “When I’ve spoken to members, we’re on the frontline. These poor kids, the few that are allowed into our country, turn up in their schools. They try to integrate and help them and their families. We put out a lot of information about refugees and asylum seekers for members about ‘what you can do to help’.”

Leeds Carnival 1981 (Pic: John Sturrock)
7 Oct 2016

We got letters from all over. They’d say something like, “I’m Tommy and I live in Aberystwyth and we’ve got an NF teacher. I hate racism and I like RAR. Can you please help us?” I’d write back and say, “That’s fantastic Tommy. You are RAR Aberystwyth. We’ve got nothing to give you. All the luck!” We sent those letters all over.

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