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27 Nov 2007 >> News

Thursday, 29th November 2007, 7.15pm Reception. 8.00pm Lecture

27 Nov 2007 >> News

“Inviting these two men smacks of a stunt which gives them what they most need to survive: publicity.”

27 Nov 2007 >> News

This headline is taken from the front cover of today’s Independent.

26 Nov 2007 >> Action

Unite Against Fascism have now booked a second coach from London for the demonstration against BNP leader Nick Griffin and Holocaust Denier David Irving

23 Nov 2007 >> Action

Join the protest against Griffin & Irving this Monday 26th November – Oxford Union is no place for fascism

22 Nov 2007 >> News

Around 150 people gathered at Coventry Cathedral to protest against David Irving holding a meeting in Coventry.

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