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21 Oct 2008 >> News

LMHR and UAF activists were among hundreds in an excellent turnout in Leeds today against a risible protest by the Nazi “British People’s Party” against “black hip-hop”.

3 Oct 2008 >> News

Unite Against Fascism’s 2008 National Conference ‘Stopping the fascist BNP, Opposing racism, Celebrating multiculturalism’ on 1 March saw the gathering of over 500 trade unionists, …

3 Oct 2008 >> News

Thursday night’s Newsnight programme contained a special report on the BBC’s White Season, a series of programmes billed as addressing the question of white working …

17 Sep 2008 >> Action, Campaign material

Oppose a BNP rally in Stoke on September 20th

17 Sep 2008 >> Action

Assembling 10am, Car park of NORSACA (North Staffordshire African Caribbean Association) Centre

18 Aug 2008 >> News

Over 500 people met on Saturday and took to the streets in Codnor, Derbyshire to oppose the fascist “Red, White and Blue” festival.

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  • 15 August 2015Liverpool: oppose the "White Man March"
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