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9 Apr 2009 >> News

assemble 4pm on Friday outside Harrow Civic Centre
Speakers include: Tony McNulty MP, London assembly member Navin Shah, leader of Harrow council David Ashton, NUJ general …

9 Apr 2009 >> News

Nick Griffin, leader of the Nazi BNP, has admitted defeat in his legal battle to keep the party’s “whites only” membership rules. In respose to …

6 Apr 2009 >> News

There is a serious danger that the fascist BNP will gain seats in the European elections today if people don’t turn out and vote against …

16 Mar 2009 >> Comment

Last Friday evening, UAF supporters from across the North West organised a protest with local anti-fascists near to the supposed venue of the British National Party’s latest “Battle for Britain” meeting in Leigh, Greater Manchester.

6 Mar 2009 >> News

We have produced a hard-hitting A5 leaflet for the eve of the European elections on 4 June. Download it, photocopy it and hand it out …

25 Feb 2009 >> Comment

The Spitfire in the picture – “Romeo Foxtrot Delta” is identifiable from its “RF” marking as belonging to 303 Squadron.

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