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29 May 2010 >> News

Antifascists in Newcastle are celebrating after a very successful demonstration of around 1,000 people outnumbered the racist thugs of the English Defence League.

29 May 2010 >> News

Welcome to our new website – it has been completely rebuilt to help you get involved in our campaigning. We hope you like it.

29 May 2010 >> EDL unmasked, News

The racism and violence of the English Defence League has been exposed by the Guardian newspaper after an undercover investigation.

29 May 2010 >> Action

Antifascists are organising to oppose the English Defence League – an organisation of racist thugs with links to the Nazi BNP – which is organising a series of demonstrations to whip up anti-muslim racist hatred in major cites over the next few months.

29 May 2010 >> Action, Top story

We are planning a series of rallies in June on Stopping the Nazi BNP and EDL: the fight against racism and Islamophobia today.

27 May 2010 >> Action

Anti-fascists in Newcastle have drawn up a unity statement opposing the racist English Defence League, signed by local trande unionists, councillors and campaigners.

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