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1 Apr 2010 >> Action

Unite Against Fascism, together with other local community groups in Dudley, will be taking part in an event to celebrate Dudley’s multi-faith, multi-racial and multicultural society this Saturday.

1 Apr 2010 >> News

Great video of UAF’s day of action with the NUT union against the Nazi BNP in Barking & Dagenham last Sunday.

29 Mar 2010 >> News

“The response on the doorstep has been very positive. Most people say they will use their vote against the BNP, and many saying they want to get active in campaigning against the fascists in the borough.”

29 Mar 2010 >> News

Over 150 people crammed into the Guildhall Library in Portsmouth on Thursday last week to hear local MPs, trade unionists and anti-fascist campaigners speak out against the BNP and EDL.

29 Mar 2010 >> Action

The racist EDL is planning the latest in its series of anti-Muslim rallies in Dudley this Saturday. Its last outing in Bolton saw EDL supporters captured on video making vile racist statements. EDL supporters stabbed a man in a pub later that evening in Middleton.

26 Mar 2010 >> News

The BNP’s leader in Barking faces possible suspension from the council for his disgusting racist comments attacking black children

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