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16 Oct 2009 >> News

The anger is building up against the BBC’s disgraceful decision to invite convicted Holocaust denier Nick Griffin, leader of the Nazi BNP, onto Question Time this Thursday.

8 Oct 2009 >> News

Unite Against Fascism held a successful demonstration in Birmingham on Saturday against the “English Defence League”, a group of racist football hooligans with links to …

8 Oct 2009 >> News

UPDATED Download list of coaches to Codnor here
This week sees the final push by anti-fascists for a mass protest against the BNP’s annual rally in …

6 Oct 2009 >> News

The election of two members of the fascist British National Party to the European parliament marks a turning point in British politics. Their election threatens …

3 Oct 2009 >> News

On Sunday 8th March, the Fascist BNP were forced to cancel their ‘Battle of Britain’ champagne dinner in South Gloucester.
Nick Griffin was due to …

29 Sep 2009 >> News

BNP councillor suspended for a month and forced to apologise
Anti-fascists have welcomed the news that leading BNP member Richard Barnbrook – who sits as a …

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