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16 Oct 2009 >> News

The anger is building up against the BBC’s disgraceful decision to invite convicted Holocaust denier Nick Griffin, leader of the Nazi BNP, onto Question Time this Thursday.

16 Oct 2009 >> News

The British National Party has been forced to admit that it is a racist party.

16 Oct 2009 >> Action, Campaign material

A quick round-up of key dates for anti-fascists and anti-racists in the next couple of weeks.

8 Oct 2009 >> News

Unite Against Fascism held a successful demonstration in Birmingham on Saturday against the “English Defence League”, a group of racist football hooligans with links to …

8 Oct 2009 >> News

UPDATED Download list of coaches to Codnor here
This week sees the final push by anti-fascists for a mass protest against the BNP’s annual rally in …

6 Oct 2009 >> News

The election of two members of the fascist British National Party to the European parliament marks a turning point in British politics. Their election threatens …

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