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12 Nov 2015 >> News

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With the far right mobilising thousands of people across Europe against refugees, …

3 Nov 2015 >> News, Top story

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The hostile climate that has accompanied the refugee crisis across Europe has resulted in a resurgent far right movement, exploiting hateful …

23 Oct 2015 >> Action, Comment, News

UAF and others have successfully countered several fascist demonstrations in the last month. Fascist groups, formed mainly from those who split away from the EDL, …

23 Oct 2015 >> Action, Campaign material, Comment, News

UAF and Love Music Hate Racism are organising a trip to the Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz in Poland between the 13th and 17th November. …

2 Oct 2015 >> News

Some of the fragmented fascist groups active in the UK are  demonstrating  in the next month. They seek to stir up hatred around the refugee …

2 Oct 2015 >> News


Anti-Racist Bloc, TUC/Peoples Assembly Against Austerity Demo at Tory Party Conference Sunday 4th October Assemble 12pm Oxford Road, Manchester

The responses from government to the ongoing …

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