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20 Apr 2019 >> Action, News, Top story

Anti fascists heard today, Saturday, that fascist ex EDL leader ‘Tommy Robinson’, aka, Stephen Yaxley Lennon is to appear at the High Court, in London, …

18 Apr 2019 >> Action, News, Top story

Facebook has imposed a ban on a dozen far-right individuals and organisations that it says “spread hate”.
The ban includes the nazi rump of the British …

9 Apr 2019 >> Action, News, Top story

The rump that is the English Defence League (EDL) claim they will hold a protest in Wellington (Telford) on April 13.
Why, they do not say.
They …

6 Apr 2019 >> Action, News, Top story

From Unite Against Fascism & Stand Up To Racism members in Newcastle.

‘Today over 300 of us stood in unity against around 30 fascists from the …

1 Apr 2019 >> Action, News, Top story

Below, with revealing number plate, fascist Eddy Butler with goons.

Anti fascists in Loughton, on the outskirts of London, reacted with anger on hearing that the …

30 Mar 2019 >> Action, News, Top story
dfla letter

Over 10,000 people joined two rallies against the “Brexit betrayal” outside Parliament on Friday. One was broadly right wing and reactionary, led by ex UKIP …

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