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1 Mar 2016 >> Action, News
Swastika drawn by Nazis on St Georges Hall in Liverpool last weekend

Since the collapse of the BNP and the virtual death of the English Defence League, as a result of broad anti-fascist work, Nazi splinter-groups are …

1 Mar 2016 >> Action, News
Anti-fascists in Liverpool

by Paul Sillett
More than 500 people turned out at a day’s notice in Liverpool last Saturday to oppose a march and protest by the fascist …

12 Feb 2016 >> News
Anti-fascist protester in Wales

The local trades council in Preston has called a demonstration and issued a unity statement against a racist protest called by the English Defence League …

12 Feb 2016 >> News

UAF is appealing for donations to assist two people who were recently subject to serious violent acts by thugs during the anti-fascist protest in Dover.
Both …

12 Feb 2016 >> News

Around 150 Nazis were outnumbered by a larger counter-protest when they marched in Dover on Saturday 30 January. Racists from several splintered Nazi groups had …

11 Feb 2016 >> News
Salma Yaqoob

Birmingham UAF outnumbered a motley crew of ex-EDL thugs who made up the 200 strong mobilisation of Tommy Robinson’s new hate venture, Pegida UK.
Pouring rain didn’t …

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