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10 Jun 2014 >> News

Hugh Lanning Vice-Chair of Unite Against Fascism writes in the Morning Star, ahead of the our conference this weekend:
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Those who argue …

26 May 2014 >> News

UAF statement 26 May 2014
Unite Against Fascism (UAF) is celebrating the news that Nick Griffin and the British National Party lost their only European Parliamentary …

25 May 2014 >> News

We should celebrate the destruction of the British National Party’s  election strategy! Campaigning by Unite Against Fascism and many others, has meant that Nick Griffin …

25 May 2014 >> News

Nazi Nick Griffin has been kicked out of the European Parliament. It’s important to recognise that the British national party the joint  organiser  with the …

25 May 2014 >> News

Demonstrations have started at the count in Manchester when Nick Griffin is hopefully facing a very difficult night with people outside wishing him farewell. The …

22 May 2014 >> News
griffin must go

UAF is working with allies today in the North west to turn out the anti-fascist vote.  Fascist MEPs Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons were elected …

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