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30 Sep 2014 >> News
Diane abbott Pinword

Stand up to racism and fascism

30 Sep 2014 >> Action, Top story
Fantastic turnout for Stand up to racism demo on 22 march

Saturday 11 October, Birmingham

30 Sep 2014 >> News, Top story

France is a warning for every anti-racist and anti-fascist

29 Sep 2014 >> News, Top story

UAF warns UKIP surge could embolden fascists

27 Sep 2014 >> News, Top story
Unity sept14 cover LORES

The autumn, Black History Month 2014 edition of UAF and the National Union of Teachers’ Unity magazine is now available. It is distributed free to members of the NUT for use with young people in schools.

19 Sep 2014 >> Action, Top story

11:30am, Saturday 20th September
Downing Street, London
Nearest tube: Westminster.
Called by Unite Against Fascism.

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