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9 Jul 2018 >> Action, News, Top story

Hundreds of anti racists and anti fascists marched in Leeds today to say that racists and fascists are not welcome in our multicultural city.
They massively …

4 Jul 2018 >> Action, News, Top story

The far-right is gearing up for a big rally in support of Tommy Robinson on July 14th at Downing Street. They’ll hope to bring together …

2 Jul 2018 >> News, Top story

Activists from Unite Against Fascism and Leeds Stand Up To Racism have been organising against far-right attempts to march in their multicultural city on Saturday …

29 Jun 2018 >> News

Unite Against Fascism and Leeds Stand Up To Racism is organising a major counter-demonstration to the racist Yorkshire Patriots group on Saturday 7th July.
The Yorkshire …

25 Jun 2018 >> Action, News, Top story
Former leading BNP official Eddy Butler joined the march alongside other known neo-Nazis

A ‘pro-Brexit’ demonstration, organised by key forces in the emerging far-right Islamophobic street movements, brought 2,500 racists and fascists onto the streets of London on …

20 Jun 2018 >> News, Top story

Unite Against Fascism’s sister organisation, Stand Up To Racism, has released an important statement warning of the emboldening of the far-right and bringing together over …

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