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14 Apr 2018 >> Action, News, Top story

GI leader Martin Sellner, blocked from entering Britain again
Some of the anti fascists today
The far right group, Generation Identity have fallen flat in the UK. …

13 Apr 2018 >> Action, News, Top story

 On Sunday 6 May, fascist English Defence League League founder Tommy Robinson and the racist DFLA (‘ Democratic ‘Football Lads Alliance) have organised a so-called …

11 Apr 2018 >> Action, News, Top story

Dollis Hill’s Rabbi, below
Following nazi graffiti being plastered around a bus stop in Hamilton Road, Dollis Hill, in Brent, London, last weekend, locals responded last …

9 Apr 2018 >> Action, News, Top story

Local anti fascists, in Brent, North West London, reacted quickly, yesterday, on spotting several nazi symbols and assorted graffiti, polluting a local street.
Lucy, who discovered …

9 Apr 2018 >> Action, News, Top story

Below, Labour councillors and Valerie Vaz, MP

The rump of what’s left of the fascist English Defence League were in Walsall, last weekend. Less than 100 …

28 Mar 2018 >> Action, News, Top story

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) is putting a call out to oppose the forthcoming far right, European conference, hosted by Generation Identity (GI), in London. We …

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