Monday 8 May 2017

Fascist splinter group heavily outnumbered by anti fascists in Croydon

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Anti fascists greatly outnumbered a fascist rump in Croydon, last weekend. The extreme right, South East Alliance had called a demonstration outside Lunar House in Croydon, where new asylum seekers have to present themselves on arrival in the UK.
The PCS Union, who have many members at the building wrote to the new Home Office permanent secretary Philip Rutnam, to urge him to take “immediate steps to prevent the demonstration from taking place outside Home Office premises” or ensure that staff can work safely from another location without fear of intimidation, harassment or injury.
     UAF worked closely with PCS members and officials on Saturday, alongside Croydon TUC and Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC), and others.  At Lunar House, John McInally from PCS, spoke alongside representatives from several locally represented Trade Unions, eg CWU, UCU, Unite the Union and DPAC.
    Many talked of Reker Ahmed, the Kurdish asylum seeker,  who last month was nearly killed by racists in Croydon.  All expressed contempt that fascists were in Croydon, in the wake of such a crime.
       Margot Hill from the college Lecturers union, UCU, who teaches in Croydon, said, ‘It is groups such as the fascists today who pump out poison that influences such horrific attacks. We send our best wishes to Reker and his family and say that the recent 400 strong march over the appalling assault on Reker, shows that most reject such racism and violent bigotry”.
     The fascists were only able to assemble at Lunar House after their march, heavily facilitated by police, was strongly opposed by anti fascists. The ‘Alliance’, in reality a collection of various misfits from fascist groups, numbered no more than 24 people. They were ridiculed and mocked by hundreds of anti fascists. Unlike the fascists, anti fascists were local and very vocal.
  In recent  years Nazi groups have repeatedly held aggressive demos outside Lunar House. Each time they appear UAF  mobilises with trades unionists, campaigners and others in the area , to ensure their hate is drowned out. Each time the fascists have been heavily outnumbered and rejected by people in Croydon.
        The contrast between the current state of the far right and support shown to Le Pen in France or Jobbik in Hungary, for example was noted by many on the day.
       In contrast to the lively atmosphere generated by anti fascists, the fascists were drowned out and had to rely on a recorded speech by the deceased former leader of the BNP, John Tyndall! It didn’t improve morale. They eventually were escorted out of town by police. Derision was heaped upon them by a good number of anti fascists and locals.
    People were glad that yet again they had seen the back of another fascist sect in the town. Last Saturday confirms again that anti fascists have ground down the far right to where it’s street actions are small and marginal.

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