Saturday 23 September 2017

EDL call off march in Essex after just 6 fascists attend!

This weekend saw the latest failure by the once thousands strong, English Defence League (EDL). Against advice

from other EDL members (relating to the decline in the EDL),  the Essex ‘Division’ of the group called a march for

Saturday, in Chelmsford. The alleged reason was

concern over grooming of children for sexual abuse. (The reality of course, is like all such EDL, racist opportunism,

the EDL

look to ‘racialise’ such serious issues and incite Islamophobia. They care not a jot for the victims of such abuse and

seek only to target Muslims).


The result in Essex was that just 6 fascists ventured out for their march! A small group of EDL members didn’t

leave the pub they

were drowning their sorrows in and steered clear of the sinking ship that is the EDL

Around 50 local anti fascists from Unite Against

Fascism (UAF), Labour Party members and PCS trades unionists, among others, heckled and humbled the pathetic

rabble of EDL ‘marchers’. After a short time, the EDL abandoned their march and resorted to racist tirades against



Shoppers and passers by joined anti fascists, the EDL looked suitably forlorn after a short time.

This is just the most recent example of the fact that the EDL are at their weakest, since their formation in 2009 by Tommy Robinson.

Many must know the writing is on

the wall.  A number of EDL members were on the Football lads Alliance (FLA) march in London, in June and it’s clear that

lots of former EDL fascists will be at the next FLA, London, event in October. Known fascists and

fascist groups say they will be on the FLA march.


Recriminations abound  on EDL social media and no doubt will again, after Essex EDL ignored their leader’s

warnings. Excuses ranging from the bizarre to the truly surreal litter EDL supporter’s online walls, and many realise

that their appeal is not it what it was to those on the far right.


This latest debacle for the EDL follows from their recent small and demoralised turnouts in Newcastle and Keighley,


The back has been broken of the EDL, but the body limps on. The continual tirade of mainstream Islamophobia helps


afloat, just, the organisation. Years of consistent, broad based, campaigning by UAF , and others, has whittled

down the ED to its current, lowly status.


Led by open fascists like ex bodyguard to Nick Griffin, Alan Spence, and Ian Crossland, the EDL are going nowhere

fast. Other fascists see them as an embarrassment and wonder why they do not fold. The far right is at it’s weakest in

the UK for decades, electorally, at least. Many fascists see the FLA, though not a fascist formation, as a body in

which to recruit and re emerge from.

Moreover, the forthcoming trial of alleged, Nazi, National Action members on terrorist charges shows the route others have taken.


The EDL’s next demonstration is in October, in Peterborough. The local TUC, supported by UAF, are mobilisng.

Anti fascists are looking to follow up on the success in places like Newcastle and elsewhere, against

such as the EDL

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