Sunday 11 March 2018

Anti fascists oppose far right Generation Identity in central London

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Perhaps 70 assorted far right elements gathered at Generation Identity’s (GI) hate ‘rally’ in Central London, on Sunday, not directly at Speaker’s Corner as they promoted, but by Marble Arch. This was the sect’s first real attempt at a public event and GI clearly hoped for more than they received in numbers.
GI had called the demonstration after anti racists, including councillors, Stand Up To Racism and Unite Against Fascism members  had alerted a venue in Milton Keynes that was to be where GI were to host a rally, with co founder, Martin Sellner, last week. After listening to anti racists concerns, club owners did the right thing and cancelled the far right booking.
This led to Sellner and GI saying they would speak at London’s traditional venue for all manner of free speech figures, Speakers Corner, in Hyde Park. However, Sellner and another key GI figure, Brittany Pettiborne were detained at Luton airport on Friday by authorities.
Both, it is understood, were told they were to be deported this weekend.
Hence, GI put out a call to ludicrously claim free speech was under attack by all manner of foes, including apparently, the ‘leftist, May government’. Three or four ‘speeches’ were made, by GI members, from as far as Scotland and Ireland.
The whole episode, which had a high police presence, lasted a short time. That those who showed to support and fraternise with GI included ex EDL steward, Roger Firth, some Football Lads Alliance members and Britain First thugs (minus of course, their imprisoned leaders), shows the nature of this group, as pointed to here,

Anti fascists opposed GI, chanting ‘free speech not hate speech’. GI activists left swiftly, after their event, leaving other far right individuals present, directionless. GI say they will hold a European wide conference, next month, in London. If they do, UAF will oppose it, watch this space. Next week, on March 17th, is the Stand Up To Racism demonstration in London, Wales and Scotland, marches and rallies which are happening in 17 different countries. More details can be found here,
let’s ensure that the day is well attended, to build our forces up against the far right.

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