Saturday 12 May 2018

Rump fascist English Defence League humiliated in Telford by anti fascists

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The fascist rump of the English Defence League (EDL) suffered a humiliation this weekend in Telford. They arrived supposedly out of concern for the victims of recent appalling cases of sexual abuse, in the area. However, locals were not fooled, which was shown in the near total lack of support for the EDL The EDL have long tried to cynically gain support over sexual abuse cases, by attempting to scapegoat all muslims for the crimes of some in muslim communities eg Rotherham. The good sense of all affected in such vile cases and anti fascists sensitivity and campaigning is reflected in the fact that the EDL have made no gains in such terrible circumstances.



Just forty fascists, from as far as Liverpool and London made the journey for this national demonstration. This is half of what the moribund thugs had in Walsall, last month,



In contrast, around 80 people from Telford gathered to face down the fascists, from Unite Against Fascism, Stand Up To Racism, Telford Trades Council, and muslim youth. To add insult to their injury, the EDL’s PA broke down, so the racists were pitiful and quiet. Shoppers stopped to tell the EDL they were not welcome; all in all, a pathetic day for the EDL.




No speeches could be made by the little  Hitlers, who were reduced to wondering aloud, ‘where the others were’.
Hats off to those who ensured that the bigots attracted hardly anyone from Telford and were miserable on their way home.
Anti fascists held a short rally, after the EDL had gone. ‘We’re determined to keep Telford fascist free’, said Andy Brown, from the local TUC. ‘Various far right groups think they can recruit here, today showed that they will be vigorously opposed by all who detest their poison’.



Saturday showed again the EDL’s collapse into a poisonous but tiny, near terminal group. As last Sunday showed, Tommy Robinson, together with UKIP and the Football Lads Alliance present a serious threat, in a way the EDL no longer do,




Next Saturday, May 23 will see the Football Lads Alliance try and recover from their problems, following their founder John Meighan’s resignation. The FLA are assembling in Manchester. Anti racists and anti fascists locally are circulating a well supported statement against the FLA trying to make capital, around the anniversary of the Manchester Arena terror bombing. Despite FLA members trying to intimidate anti racists in Manchester city centre, today, that sixteen MPs and a number of trade unions regions and branches back the counter demo shows the broad forces that can undercut the far right’s attempt at a comeback on the streets.



The event page for the joint Stand Up To Racism/UAF Manchester event is here, Mancunians are determined that racists and fascists will not dominate next weekend, they deserve  full support.

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