Wednesday 13 June 2018

Far right Anne Marie Waters For Britain humbled by inspiring anti racist demo in Lewisham

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Notorious islamophobe Anne Marie Waters and her group of ex BNP members were humiliated in Lewisham, south east London, last night, Tuesday.



Locals and anti-racists formed a human barrier at a  hustings where she had been due to speak. Waters is standing for the far right For Britain party, in a by-election in the area, this Thursday.



A motley crew of ex-Ukipers, former BNP security thugs  and alt-right fanatics came. They left after being confronted by around 100 local anti racists who, in the best traditions of Lewisham, humilated the little Hitlers. Among them was ex BNP elections strategist and nazi terror group Combat 18 activist, Eddy Butler, below, in blue shirt.Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoorButler was involved with the Combat 18 crew who viciously attacked anti fascists in Brick Lane in the early 1990s. One man suffered a fractured skull, as a result. Combat 18 later turned on Butler, himself. Such are those who now make up Waters, For Britain.



Another there last night, who lost his temper was Julian Leppert, former BNP mayoral candidate. Several ex BNP members from Loughton. Essex, like these two, now form a key part of Waters set up. They see themselves as the brains behind their latest far right venture.



Another far right activist, Steven James below, with the extreme right Generation Identity tried but was unsuccessful in intimidating anti racists. James was also in the EDL. On being challenged, he claimed to be a former policeman. The man with the microphone is another far right member.for brtain


















Waters spoke again for the jailed fascist thug Tommy Robinson, in central London, last Saturday.  A number of Waters supporters didn’t get through the wall of anti racists and moaned into their tweed jackets. After some time, the hustings ended early. Waters had been advised by police not to be present, which saw resounding cheers from anti racists.



Following on so swiftly from the appalling spectacle of the large march for Tommy Robinson last Saturday, this boosted the morale of all there, yesterday. Many came away thinking the way in which the united front nature of the protest was conducted is the road for SUTR/UAF and all anti racists to try to ensure a large turnout on July 14th, in central London. This is the next ‘free Robinson’ event, event page here for the counter protest,



Lewisham Stand Up to Racism, who with Lewisham Anti-Racist Action Group called for Waters to lose her platform at the meeting, did an excellent job. Earlier, Lewisham Mayor Damien Egan and MP Vicky Foxcroft also joined the calls for Waters to lose her platform. Labour and even the Tory candidate backed that call.



The Womens Equality candidate who sadly did go into the hustings, was subject to sexist mocking by Eddy Butler, online, the images which we will not share here, but show the depths of such as Butler.



To her credit the Labour candiate, Ms Daby joined demonstrators and said  that she would not share a platform with far-right groups. Islington councillor Claudia Webbe was also present.Representatives of different local trade unions addressed the buoyant crowd at the end of the protest.

Winston Richards from the CWU, was among other speakers from unions such as Unite, the teachers NEU union, the PCS, the bakers union, BFWAU and Stand Up to Racism.



Many anti fascists know and remember with pride the day in August 1977 when the nazi National Front were routed in what became known as the Battle of Lewisham,



Lewisham was the first time fascists of the NF had been stopped on one of their hate filled marches in that period. It became a beacon of resistance. From it flowed the Anti Nazi League, which in conjunction with Rock Against Racism, were crucial in defeating the likes of those Eddy Butler and co once worked with. Anti fascists veterans from the ‘Battle’ were there last night. Their tradition and spirit is clearly alive and well!

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