Tuesday 12 June 2018

Racist Football Lads Alliance ponder folding into the far right DFLA

In a move which has been on the cards for some time, the declining fortunes of the Football Lads Alliance (FLA) have led to the FLA setting up an online poll asking supporters whether they should fold and merge into the larger Democratic FLA, below.

fla merger















Anti fascists have thought this to be highly likely following the larger turnout the DFLA had when the two groups demonstrated in Birmingham, earlier this year and in Manchester, last month, http://uaf.org.uk/2018/05/manchester-anti-racists-anti-fascists-humble-racist-football-lads-alliance/



As has been apparent for some time, following the resignation of FLA founder, John Meighan, the group have never recovered from setbacks following their initial early, large marches, in the summer and autumn of last year. The Birmingham demo for the FLA saw around 1500 join them, whilst the DFLA held a march and rally, nearly twice that size. http://www.standuptoracism.org.uk/birmingham-communities-stand-together-as-fla-march-through-city-centre/



John Meighan himself said that he felt ‘upstaged’ by fascist poster boy Tommy Robinson’s appearance, in the latter’s guise as a journalist. The DFLA march and rally, by contrast had serious backup and a variety of speakers. Almost before the FLA event was over, FLA supporters were despairing of the poor organisation and the fact they had marched in an uninspiring location. This was not so with the DFLA demonstrators whose supporters went away confident.



As featured widely on here and not least on internal FLA social media, allegations were made by DFLA leaders concerning John Meighan’s financial honesty with money donated to the FLA. Such charges concerning Meighan never escaped him and he resigned from the FLA, in April, http://www.standuptoracism.org.uk/football-lads-alliance-fla-founder-quits-but-fla-is-still-a-growing-danger/



The larger DFLA has already swept up much FLA support and it’s clear that a number of FLA people see the DFLA as a viable project, see below

fla unity
















The FLA has been run, badly, by ex English Defence League goon, Pamela Brannigan. Her inglorious reign, along with other EDL members has been marked by splits, people leaving in droves  and accusations of organisational incompetence.



This is further marked by the statement that John Meighan’s wife wishes to run the FLA. Many ask themselves within the FLA why and for what purpose. Given the hatred for John Meighan by many now running and in the DFLA, this has not been a popular move. Meighan himself has been active on the DFLA page and perhaps wishes to return to the far right marches, albeit not in a frontline role.




Though a number of DFLA supporters, partly through football firms were present on the violent London rally for imprisoned Tommy Robinson at the weekend, the DFLA to an extent, did not heavily promote the ‘free Robinson’ day. They put some effort into getting far right hooligans down to attack a pro Palestine event , the following day, Sunday, however.


As UAF and Stand Up To Racism have said, the numbers, politics and violence from last Saturday, is something of a wake up call for all on the left, http://uaf.org.uk/2018/06/far-right-rally-brings-15000-onto-the-streets-of-london/


It is welcome that some on the far right are falling out, as we reported yesterday eg Vinie Sullivan and others, who initially called the London Robinson event, below. Clearly, there is now no love lost between certain early, FLA former allies.

v sullivan



























However, the fact that a number of European far right politicians and Steve Bannon, among others are actively supporting Robinson and his vile agenda, speaks volumes. UAF and Stand Up To Racism are organising opposition to the next racist right’s day of action for Robinson, on July 14th, event page, here, https://www.facebook.com/events/169517280565963/



Just the day before, on July 13th in London, and across the UK are anti Donald Trump mobilisations, eg through Together Against Trump. Such days can be the culmination of a campaign to ensure that on July 14th, anti racist and anti fascist forces are both bigger and  more representative of all who detest the politics of the far right.

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